Learn what makes our Mulberry Silk unique:


Grade A Mulberry Silk

Mulberry Silk Grade AGrade A mulberry silk makes our collection feel airy, smooth and luxurious all at the same time. The silk is stretched into a flat web which is stacked, then sealed inside of our bleach-free polished cotton shell. The result is extremely lightweight despite the silk bedding’s thickness, making for a barrier naturally resistant to mold, allergens, and pests. Mulberry silk does not burn and any flame will immediately die off when the flame is removed. And, mulberry silk is completely odorless unlike other organic, natural or synthetic fills, or wild and tussah silk.

Naturally Hypoallergenic Anti-Bacterial

Mulberry Silk HypoallergenicThe natural hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial proprieties of Grade A mulberry silk makes Mulberry West the perfect choice for those with allergy or asthma. Mold, fungus, deterioration, and chemicals affect allergy sufferers but Grade A mulberry silk has natural defenses against all of these. Mulberry silk is clean and simple: a strand of fiber held together with the natural glue of the protein sericin, making the silk strong are also naturally resistant to the growth of fungus-like mold and mildew. No chemicals are required in the processing of Grade A mulberry silk.

Pest Resistant

Mulberry Silk Pest ResistantMulberry West bedding naturally resists dust mites and bed bugs—they prefer goose and duck down. Mattress and pillow encasements are a smart move to prevent pest infestations but it’s pointless if the bedding itself is attractive to bugs. Down bedding originated in a cold climate, but silk-filled comforters were developed in a region where insects thrive. The cocoons that encase silkworms as they transform into silk moths have silk fibers that protect them against these pests. And since silk processing uses just water and heat, the silk maintains these defensive properties.

You are not alone

Mulberry Silk Menopause Thermal HelpIn the United States, 85% of women experience hot flashes during perimenopause and menopause. Learn more how Mulberry Silk can help with hot flashes and sleep interruptions. 

Sleep through the night

Mulberry Silk Menopause HelpIn response to temperature changes or hormonal fluctuations from menopause, Mulberry West offers a lightweight veil of warmth or a naturally cooling cover - whichever the body needs. Mulberry silk is a porous and pure fiber which is known for strong ventilation and moisture absorption, eliminating the need to constantly throw off and putting on a covering. Mulberry West has earned the redhotmamas.org seal of approval!