Quality Control

Allergy-friendly Mulberry West Silk-Filled comforters and satin-trimmed blankets are perfect for the discriminating shopper seeking the finest bedding. We source our own Grade A Mulberry silk to find the purest and highest quality, and purchase the 300 thread count unbleached polished cotton separately. We bring the two together and have everything sewn by a reputable and ethical manufacturer in China. We do not just order our comforters and blankets from a silk factory like so many other companies.

SGS, a multinational company, not Chinese, conducted inspections for chemicals including chlorine, formaldehyde, ammonia and lead. Mulberry West silk-filled comforters and blankets are the only ones on the market certified for NO chlorine, formaldehyde, ammonia and lead. Our carrying cases are made from recycled non-woven fiber and are 100% recyclable. Click here to view SGS inspection reports.