Top 5 Features of Grade A Mulberry Silk

November 13, 2018

We all know how important sleep is, for our physical and mental health alike. Quality sleep regulates the body’s hormonal system and thus is linked to benefits like weight management, reduction in depression symptoms, higher immunity, decreased inflammation, better concentration, and more (source: Healthline). One of the most important factors that go into getting a good night’s rest is the comforter and bedding that you choose. We all know the frustration of sleeping with an itchy or hot comforter, which often leads to waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. At Mulberry West, we are passionate about good sleep — so, we created the most luxurious line of bedding from the best material, Grade A mulberry silk. Here are some of the top features that make it such a  great choice for your bed.

1. Mulberry silk is lightweight.

Our lightweight blankets and comforters are airy, breathable, and ultra-lightweight while still being cozy.  Because mulberry silk fibers are porous and pure, they have strong ventilation and moisture absorption and allow the material to be very breathable. And don’t worry — even though its lightweight, mulberry silk is able to regulate body temperature to keep you comfortable all night.

2. It keeps you dry and prevents overheating.

Suffering from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats? Mulberry silk will save your sleep since it naturally regulates body temperature and absorbs moisture from sweat.  In fact, our comforters and lightweight blankets have earned the Red Hot Mamas seal of approval!

3. Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic.

Mold, fungus, deterioration, and chemicals adversely affect allergy and asthma sufferers, which can lead to middle-of-the-night flare-ups.  But our clean, simple Grade A mulberry silk has natural defenses against all of these; a strand of fiber held together with the natural glue of the protein sericin makes the silk strong and naturally resistant to the growth of fungi like mold and mildew. Sleeping with mulberry silk means more relief from bed bugs and dust mites, which prefer goose and duck down. Additionally, no chemicals are required in the processing of the Grade A mulberry silk that we use in our comforters and lightweight blankets.

4. It’s easy to clean.

Have you ever had the headache of trying to fit a bulky comforter in the washing machine, only for it to get clumpy and minimally clean? You won’t have to worry about this happening with Mulberry West bedding. To clean a mulberry silk comforter or lightweight blanket, all you need to do is hang it out in the sunshine. The sun will whiten the unbleached polished cotton shell and refresh the silk filling. If it gets soiled, you can spot clean the shell or send it for gentle dry-cleaning. No comforter stuffing in the washing machine here!

5. Mulberry silk promotes better skin.

This is kind of a fun bonus, right? With a big chunk of time spent in your bed each night, it’s a hot spot for bacterial growth which leads to blemishes and other skin issues. But since mulberry silk is naturally antibacterial, resistant to pests like dust mites, and defensive against fungus, your skin doesn’t have to fight off the germs lurking on your comforter and is, therefore, clearer and more beautiful.

Are you ready to upgrade your bedding to the luxury of mulberry silk? We’ve got gorgeously comfortable bedding, from comforters to lightweight blankets. Shop the collections now >


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